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If you buy a puppy from Rosedale Gun Dogs and you realise down the line that you haven’t got the time or the the patience, or the dog is too much for you we will always take that dog back.

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If you want to rehome your dog, we are the best people to come to!

We give you the peace of that your dog is working for the UK and that they are safe and well and very well looked after. 


We have lots of job opportunities for working dogs

Rehomed dogs can work within the sector of security drug work within the UK. So, if your dog is a problem for you, then rest assured we are here to help you find the best outcome for the pup and for yourself. We know how hard it can be to give a dog up, however our dog will be in a much better environment.

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Rehoming costs

Rehoming costs will be noted on a one-to-one confrontation with ourselves on site please feel free to get in touch to try and resolve this matter for yourselves with peace of mind and knowing that we are here for you....

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